Our Vigilance service is our 24-hour site monitoring service. With this service we’ll know about problems on your network and have them fixed before they turn into costly down time for you. We will give you daily, weekly, or monthly reports showing the status, uptime, overall health, and most significant trouble areas of your systems. Surprisingly, this service costs less than you might think.

Data Backup

This is our off-site backup program. Unlike most other companies’ remote backup products, ours gives you a tremendous amount of control. Your data is always encrypted with a minimum 256-bit encryption before it leaves your network, ensuring that you’re the only one that can access it. But here’s where the options get interesting. You can choose to have your data backed up to a secure Level 4 data center that is HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, or have it backed up to the ForgetAbout-IT storage server, or even to an off-site location of your own, like your home computer. Yes, we can do that, and for less than most other companies charge.

Mail Filtering

Mail Filtering filters the junk that clogs your email system, saving you valuable time and keeping your employees more productive by eliminating hours of wasted, unproductive time deleting spam from their inboxes. Unsolicited email now accounts for eighty to ninety-eight percent of all email, depending on who you ask.

Remote Assistance

A lot of problems can be fixed remotely in less time than it would take to drive to your office. We have the capability of doing this without requiring any router or network reconfiguration. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

On-site service

Our standard operating procedure. If you have a problem that can’t be fixed remotely, or maybe you just like our friendly, courteous technicians, either way we’re always happy to help a client in need


If you need a new server, want to add six new workstations to your growing network, want to open a new office in Duluth, or whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ve got the expertise and experience to turn your project into reality quickly, correctly, and completely.

Contact our sales department for pricing information.