School Project Lost Forever

Never Save An Important Document On Your Desktop

Once again, tragedy has struck.  A 25-page document for a major school project that had been revised and edited multiple times is now completely lost and unrecoverable.  It hurts even more that this was entirely preventable.

The user had saved this precious document on their desktop when a virus struck and made the computer nearly unusable.  Sending the computer away for virus removal resulted in a much better computer, but with no software or data on it any more.

First, anti-virus software isn’t that expensive, so there’s no reason to not keep it up to date.  It’s not completely fool-proof, though, so that wouldn’t necessarily guarantee a completely virus-free computer, but it might have prevented this tragedy.  Remember, good habits are still extremely important.

Second, if your document is important, make sure you’ve got it backed up somewhere.  Keychain drives are readily available, and cheap.  Carbonite is cheap and easy to set and forget.  Dropbox has a free version with a limited amount of space that is plenty big for school documents.  There’s almost no excuse for not having a second copy of something important.

Third, make sure you communicate with your “computer guy” so that they know there is important data on the drive that needs to be recovered before they wipe it and reinstall your operating system.  Choosing a reputable company with a long track record of success (like ForgetAbout-IT, Inc.) probably would have resulted in a great many documents and photos being recovered in this instance.

If you’d like more information, or if you’d like us to come out and assess your risk and vulnerabilities, give us a call.