Good Practice

We’ve seen it time and time again.  Employers being nice and letting the employees access Facebook from their work computer during their lunch break.  Next thing you know, that workstation is now down and the user is unproductive.

“But we had anti-virus software on there.”  Yes you did, but your user thought the coupons would come in handy, and liked the little animated smiley faces that were free to download.  Your anti-virus software tried to warn your user, but it was the user that pulled the trigger, so to speak.  Now you’re down one station and you’re right in the middle of a big project with a tight deadline.

So, what should you have done?  We prefer to set up a guest wireless network for your guests that your employees can also on their lunch breaks.  The key here is that the guest wireless network is segregated from your business network, and your employees have to bring in their own laptops, tablets, or they can use their smart phones with it.  Your business equipment is not at risk this way.

Alternatively, you can set up a break room with a computer that they can use on breaks.  If it’s down, it doesn’t impact productivity.  Again, this can be on a network that is completely isolated from your business network.

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